Therapeutic Approach

SpaceCurl is generally indicated as an effective therapeutic approach for any type of postural instability e.g. neurological disorders, orthopaedic problems and also at muscular insufficiencies and dysbalances.

Originally mainly used for the training of torso-muscles and for the therapy of back-pain patients, the system is in the meantime used successfully for many years in the treatment of many neurological and orthopaedic pathologies with the desired achievements of:

  • Coordination Training
  • Balance- and Posture Training
  • Rehabilitation after joint diseases or –replacement
  • Therapy of peripheral-vestibular disturbances
  • Therapy after apoplectic Stroke or Spinal Cord Injury
  • Reduction of Spasticity

Side to therapy the SpaceCurl is also an important complement in the training of athletes and professionals with high physical charges e.g. Security, Pilots, Nursing Personnel etc.

Scientific studies support partly extraordinary therapy results e.g. with respect to coordination and posture improvements at back-pain patients or in the treatment of patients with peripheral vestibular disorders.

Moreover, there is after more than 15 years of practical use (since 1998) a large number of positive reviews from hospitals and institutes that use SpaceCurl daily for the benefit of their patients.

SpaceCurl is only suitable for medically oriented facilities and requires therapeutic operators, specially trained on the use and the capabilities of the system.

Automatically a several-hour introduction seminar for therapists/operator-team will be performed at each system coming new to service, before first active use with a patient.

Also there is a permanent access to a competence-network over the total range of medical application possibilities available.

The only condition a patient has to have in order to use the SpaceCurl, is a full static load stability of the lower extremity – use is generally possible if no restriction or partial load only has been medically prescribed. For liability reasons (insurance) known aneurysms and thrombosis must be considered generally as contraindications.

The controlled and dosed usability of the SpaceCurl allows a trouble-free correspondence to relative contraindications such as cardiovascular problems, instabilities of the spine etc. by adaptation of the load, range of motion and movement tasks.

Thus SpaceCurl is practically usable for everybody with no age-limit, regardless of physical condition or pathology, problem structure and therapeutic goals.

The SpaceCurl is the ideal therapy- and training system for the improvement of the dynamic postural stability and offers an extremely motivating application – a basic requirement for an efficient therapy with long-term success.

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The Chinese philosopher Confucius (approx. 551 to 479 BC ) analysed the work of human musculature and formed the thesis: “Standing and walking is a permanently supported fall”. To avoid the “fall” our muscles work permanently automatically on the basis of learned posture- and motion patterns against the “fall” and in the sense of a physiological posture and motion

von Confucius